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It’s difficult to watch yourself or a loved one sink into the abyss of addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Without the proper attention and care, people suffering from addiction may find themselves relapsing. The good news is that Reynolds Recovery drug rehab centers specialize in taking clients from the abyss to a healthy life of sobriety. The secret to success depends on getting the client through the front door of our addiction treatment facility in Littleton, Colorado before it is too late.


Attending Our Addiction Recovery Program

The Reynolds Recovery substance abuse treatment facility in Littleton provides a high-quality program of recovery. At our facility, we use a variety of treatment options that are tailored to a client’s specific needs. The necessity for treatment flexibility is an important part of the process. Reynolds Recovery understands that all clients are individuals with a unique set of circumstances. The “cookie cutter” approach to treatment seldom works because it fails to address your unique circumstances and individual struggles.


We feel that it’s important for our clients to visit a drug detox clinic. When given the opportunity to work through withdrawal in a safe environment, our clients respond better to the therapy phase of treatment. Without residual chemicals in their body, they are able to focus on open and honest communication with their counselors. After detox, the treatment therapy starts in earnest as the focus is moved towards long term rehabilitation.


Therapy within a Reputable Addiction Treatment Center

Our Littleton drug rehab facility has one focus: to help place clients on the road to a lasting recovery. We place a lot of effort on working with the client to better understand how their addiction began and what has been the driving force that has kept it going.


In some cases, we discover that a particular client may also be dealing with psychological issues such as depression or schizophrenia. If that’s the case, we implement a dual diagnosis treatment program that can address co-existing conditions simultaneously. This is one of the reasons knowing why you got addicted in the first place provides a great benefit.


Otherwise, therapy is about identifying triggers. If we can help the client identify their triggers, we have a good chance of helping them develop coping skills to help render those triggers ineffective. If clients can go out into the world with a healthy set of coping skills, the likelihood they will maintain abstinent increases dramatically.


The Battle Continues

Addiction is an illness that can never be cured, but maintained. The fact it only takes one drink for a client to start drinking again is proof that the desire never quite goes away. Because of this, our Reynolds Recovery addiction center offers aftercare programs.


It’s up to each client to protect their own recovery. The biggest challenge comes when they leave the treatment facility and have to live daily life. When things get a little out of whack, aftercare programs can help get the client back on course. Aftercare can be anything from time spent in a sober living environment to additional therapy provided on an outpatient basis.


If you are battling an addiction, you need to know there’s always a way out. The first step in the path towards recovery comes when you are able to admit you are helpless to your addiction. From there, you can reach out for help by contacting our Reynolds Recovery and our addiction recovery facility in Littleton, Colorado. Our professional staff is ready to help you overcome your addiction. A great life awaits you, you can say goodbye to drugs and alcohol. All you have to do to get started is pick up that phone.

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