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It takes a lot of courage to realize that you have a problem with substance abuse and that you need to get help. Every single individual who enters the doors of one of our many drug rehab centers has had to deal with and overcome their own negative thoughts and their own negative emotions. They have also had to endure well-meaning friends and family members who misunderstand drug addiction or what causes a person to start taking drugs in the first place.


These well-meaning friends and family members may mistakenly believe that a person starts taking drugs for a number of inaccurate reasons. Since they do not understand the way that the substance is affecting the brain of the addicted individual, they do not have an accurate understanding of addiction. Dealing with individuals who think and feel this way can be very disheartening for someone trying to overcome their substance abuse.


The Truth about Drug Addiction

The truth is that individuals who visit our Boise, Idaho substance abuse treatment facility often have developed a compulsive desire to seek and use drugs or alcohol. This desire is so strong that they no longer have the ability to control themselves, even though they know full well that their drug abuse is creating harmful side effects.


With time, drug use may have altered the way the client’s brain functions to the point that they can no longer resist the desire to take drugs. Some clients who visit our addiction recovery facilities find themselves relapsing, even if they have not taken drugs for years.


Just because a person relapses does not prove that the treatment they received at their addiction recovery center did not work. Addiction is a chronic health condition. Similar to any other chronic health condition, treatment must be ongoing and must be adjusted based on a client’s response to treatment. A treatment program that worked in the past may not work in the future, so adjustments must be made to fit the client’s evolving needs.


Understanding the fact that recovery involves more than just the care you receive at our addiction recovery facility, we offer our clients post-treatment follow-up care. Our goal is not simply to help you stay sober during treatment, but to make recovery a part of your life.


The Role of Supervised Detox

At our addiction treatment center in Boise, Idaho, we offer supervised detox. Detox refers to getting rid of every trace of the drug or alcohol from a person’s body. Supervised detox allows for a person to receive personalized care while they go through the detox and withdrawal process. There is no such thing as a discomfort-free detox. However, supervised detox includes emotional support and monitoring while your body purifies itself of the offending substance.


It is never recommended that a person try to break free from substance addiction cold turkey. Doing so could lead to some serious consequences, and the severity of the withdrawal symptoms may cause one to relapse and start abusing drugs again simply to free themselves from undesirable symptoms.


A Safe Place to Heal

Our drug detox clinic has been designed to be a safe place for individuals to go through the detox phase of the treatment and continue on with their rehabilitation. We have created a judgment-free zone where our clients are able to express themselves, discuss their past challenges, as well as talk about the hopes they have for a drug-free future.


We are proud of what we have accomplished with our addiction recovery program, and we look forward to using the experience we have gained to help more people. Breaking free from the grips of drugs and alcohol is possible. We look forward to helping you make your drug-free life a reality.

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