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Treating addiction is a challenging prospect, as the disease can affect individuals in different ways. At our group of drug rehab centers, dedicated professional team members recognize the importance of treating each unique individual, which is why we are committed to shaping our addiction recovery program to each client’s needs. Our standard addiction recovery program includes a supervised detoxification at one of our drug rehab centers, in addition to group and individual therapy within a secure environment. At our Green Bay, Wisconsin addiction treatment center, clients will find a community of support among both peers and staff as they work to overcome addiction. We also provide services to help our graduating clients find aftercare facilities that will help them maintain the path to lifelong recovery.


Clients arriving at our drug detox clinic in Green Bay, Wisconsin are given an evaluation, so our team can customize the program to any special needs the individual might have, especially during detoxification. We provide detox under the supervision of trained staff for each of our clients as a safe and effective alternative to detoxing at home. Not only are our staff always on hand to offer encouragement and support throughout the process, they are also trained to recognize different symptoms of withdrawal that might be cause for concern. Withdrawal symptoms depend on several factors, including the type of controlled substance used, the length of use, and the physical health of the individual.


Two types of therapy are provided to clients at our substance abuse treatment facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Individual therapy is an essential tool for understanding the unique needs of the client, and it is dependent upon an open and trusting relationship between client and therapist. During these sessions at our addiction recovery facility, clients discuss a variety of topics, learning to effectively communicate emotions and use healthy coping mechanisms. These sessions often highlight clients’ triggers, and in some instances, clients are diagnosed with a co-occurring mental or behavioral disorder. When a client is struggling with both addiction and a co-occurring disorder, dual diagnosis mental health treatment is in order. It is not uncommon for individuals to struggle with both an addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder. In cases like this, it is equally important for our therapists and staff to treat the client for both the co-occurring mental disorder and the addiction.


In addition to individual therapy, clients attend group therapy sessions at our Green Bay, Wisconsin drug rehab facility. Small groups of peers are guided by a trained therapist as they discuss a variety of topics related to addiction recovery. Group therapy is an important tool for developing effective communication skills that can help during individual therapy, as well as in other situations. Clients take turns opening up about the topic, and their peers are invited to comment. Individuals can offer support, advice, or constructive criticism, which allows peers to be actively involved in each other’s recovery journeys as well as hold each other accountable for their actions and progress at our facilities.


A close knit network of support is important during the initial stages of recovery, but maintaining a support system is also essential to long term success. Before leaving our addiction recovery center in Green Bay, Wisconsin, clients meet with staff members who can assist them in finding aftercare treatment options that will suit their needs close to home. Sober living facilities provide a stepping stone between an addiction treatment facility and home because sober living houses encourage regular routines and provide in-house support. For clients returning home, we can help locate therapists to continue working on individual issues after leaving our facilities. Planning to attend a local support group also helps our clients stay on track after leaving our substance abuse treatment facility.


The challenge to overcome substance abuse and live drug-free can seem difficult in the clutches of addiction, but the professional staff at our Green Bay, Wisconsin addiction treatment center will rise to the occasion. We are committed to helping individuals achieve a lifetime free from dependence on drugs and alcohol.

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